XXmiX 3rd act.

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XXmiX 3rd act. Song pack

We're sorry, but we will spare how to install to your StepMania in this page.

Download Latest full version
Please download from above link if you not installed XXmiX 3rd act. yet.
xxmix_3rd_act_20170601.zip 134,584,750 byte (About 128MB)
MD5: A9BACE9FA03814A6F133521AF6FDB92F
SHA1: 18DA16B3D3D76A48E84634839E9132AF1F72CC74

Download additional
Only additional files included.
Put in Songs/XXmiX 3rd act folder, and overwrite existing files.
xxmix_3rd_act_dif_20170601.zip 2,862,818 byte (About 2.7MB)
MD5: 37E80CC95028C25C10E9031A94219116
SHA1: CE7667FBD1F5C1DAC5B414E4651A2B0A8A20300D

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Release period

XXmiX 3rd act. Theme test version for StepMania 5

Alpha or Beta version will be available without any time limit.

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